HOW TO CLEAN JORDAN 5’S (Jordan 5 Space Jam Restoration)

what’s up guys Drizzy kicks you with another restoration video today we’ll be doing the best way to clean up Jordan Fonz so for the example shoe right now we have Jordan five space chance your poison darts whatever you’d like to call them they’re pretty beat as you can see shoe strings order to decrease the soldier yellowed everything’s just a beater pretty much now the customer only asked me to clean up the shoe so that’s what I’m going to be doing but the thing is I’m not gonna be doing it we actually have a special guest here it’s my cousin um go follow his YouTube both of them will be linked down in the description okay .

because ain’t came in the mail yet and you know if you be there kind of taxing a bowl for aqua then you need your aqua itself and then Angelus easy cleaner you can order this on Angela’s calm or Angeles director Hong or even anybody’s actually a lot cheaper because you know shipping you don’t pay that a lot of time yeah guys that’s all you’re gonna be needed for this illustration so let’s get on into it okay so we’re going to do now we’re gonna time-lapse it we’re just gonna put the two trees them first to stuff the shoe you always remember done stuck the shoe .

first before you’re cleaning we’re still drunk whatever it may be it just helps you get like a smoother surface when you’re cleaning then we’re just gonna pour some easy cleaner and then fill it all more with some water because it is leather if it was suede we just be doing straight easy cleaner no water cuz then you could damage the suede or nubuck now they’ve got the basic clean down you know wipe down off they’re already looking pretty good of course or some like some scratches and stuff and like some paint chips,cheap jordans for sale, you can see right here that’s not gonna come off unfortunately and like I said before customer only wants me to clean them so what we’re gonna do next is just put one overall coat and then we’re gonna throw them in the washing machine to finish cleaning them off so we can get it like into the deep deep dirt and the threading and stuff to make it lighter ,cheap jordan 11,so we’re gonna throw in the washing machine add a little bit of detergent okay so now are we done now we’re just gonna go ahead and use a soft bristle brush to finish up cleaning these areas and then the sole brush to finish cleaning up the sole then we’re just going to clean the laces which I’m gonna have two separate video for stay tuned and yeah that’s about it for now.

then I’ll show you the final result like comment subscribe guys if you enjoyed it and knows a quick little video I actually have two more restorations coming up I actually have a website now where I sell some shoes,cheap jordans, if you want to go check it out there’s pretty good deals on there no gym working another price out we can do it do PayPal invoice your PayPal gift whichever you’d like or something all over you her shift on Monday Wednesday or Friday usually Wednesday BAM and stay blessed thank you for watching have a great week

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