Jordan 1 – Making the Upper

So I kinda fucked up and forgot to record a lot of the process here, but I’ve at least got the skiving and the stitching so, ah well. Enjoy. Alright, so this is basically the finished upper. um It’s not bad, but it’s definitely better than the last one I did. I did each shoe in uh, basically one-half. So this is the other one. I didn’t put the Swoosh on this one because I didn’t think I’d want to put it on. uh But honestly I might as well do the complete package before I start doing variations. It is really hard to hold this. Now, I’ll show like little, small differences between these two. It’s basically the left and the right pair. um So this one’s the right. This one’s the left. This is the left pair, and basically they look like this. Sets. If you are interested in buy Kratom in amazon, in you can find all the information that you need to know before that you do it.

They won’t look like trains by the time I’m done with them. Now there’s small differences on each one, um. On this one, I didn’t really know how to do the wings very well, so as you can see it’s pretty like, boxy. It kinda went over, so I just like trimmed the edges and I really shouldn’t have because it messed up the shape. Um, you’ll notice that uh, just hold on. Alright, you’ll notice that on the regular Jordan 1, that the liner has this lip over the edge. Oops. And that apparently- cheap jordan 11 low,The point is: I shaved it shorter on this one so the liner is actually inside the upper, like. Under it. um I mean that’s not really too big of an issue. I noticed that JBF recently posted on his Instagram uh a pair of like a python that he did, the natural python.

He had the liner inside. I also didn’t do two pieces for the tongue; instead one big flap. Honestly I might’ve fucked up because- I realize now that the two piece tongue, that when you fold it, the edges kind of fold in so it’s a little smaller. So technically this tongue is bigger. Also on the bottom here, I tried something different for this toe lining. Basically like,cheap jordan 11, I folded it in half and stitched up the inside length of it. Kinda a mistake uh because it left this really visible seam right here. I mean you can’t see it maybe, I don’t know, but you can feel it. You can definitely feel it. And then on the back kinda messed up the order of things. Point is on the new one it’s got the folded tongue, so the shape is a little more true to true to real life if you will. I kinda stitched the l- the lines a little crooked, but hey who cares.jordan 11 china, Then on the inside I took this off the the retail pair I just took apart. The liner has this little notch here which I cut out and it let it fold together perfectly and then I did a little zig-zag str- uh, stitch. And then on the wings I got- I started getting the shape better. So from one pair to the next, the wings got better. I got the liner lip to come out you see it comes out.

Now there’s actually no padding in this. There should be padding. There should be padding right here obviously in the collar there should be uh, a heel cup and there should be I mean there really shouldn’t- I don’t- I don’t think I have to put like a a thing here to reinforce the toe. Usually you put like a I don’t know what it is. Like a heat applied piece of something right there so it’s more stiff but honestly this leather is so thick I don’t really think it’s an issue. Um, but yeah. Overall this second attempt is definitely a lot cleaner. Um, yeah. All we have to do is last now, so. Alright guys, that’s it for me. Peace.

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