Top affordable Air Jordans releases of recent years

Admit it! You admire the latest Air Jordans releases, and you think about how to get some fancy shoes without breaking the bank. The Air Jordan 1 series came to light back in 1985, and its colors and design are still popular amongst fans. Besides, the same thing happens with the 3, 4, or 5 series. So, if you are wondering how to find cheap Jordans for sale, here’s what you need to look for. The following Air Jordans are both affordable and trendy. Let’s see what cheap Jordan shoes you can buy today!


Air Jordan 1 ‘Shadow’ (2018)

One of our top choices for cheap Jordans for sale is the Air Jordan 1 Shadow. The 2018 retro design is still one of the best in its line, and the best part about it is that today’s retail price can start at around $160.


Air Jordan 3 ‘Black Cement’ (2018)

Many fans ranked this model as the best Michael Jordan shoe of its decade. And we can say for sure this is one of the best colorways of the Air Jordan 3 series. The interesting design of the Air Jordan 3 Black Cement is still fashionable, and you can find it at a retail price that starts at around $200.


Air Jordan 3 ‘Fire Red’ (2007)

Even though at its release this pair of shoes wasn’t so popular, during the past years it gained a lot of popularity. The Air Jordan 3 Fire Red comes with a classical design and quite an inspiration from the Chicago Bulls colorway. And because it was released back in 20017, you can find a pair of cheap Jordans at around $125.


Air Jordan 5 ‘Grape’ (2006)

Well, this pair of Air Jordan 5 from 2006 gained a lot of popularity thanks to Will Smith, rather than Michael Jordan himself. The actor wore the Jordans in a Hollywood production, which boosted the Nike sales for the Air 5 series back in 2006. As for today, the Air Jordan 5 Grape is still one of the most popular Nike shoes due to its retro vibe and appealing colorway. And if you are looking for a pair of cheap Jordans for sale, these shoes can be found at an average retail price of $145.

Air Jordan 14 ‘Last Shot’ (2018)

The Air Jordan 14 Last shot comes with a lot of history, and some say this is the legacy Michael Jordan will leave to his fans. It is the pair of Jordans he wore at his iconic last shot over Utah Jazz guard Byron Russell back in 1998. Although it has a historical significance, these 2018 Air Jordan 14 are inspired by Ferrari, too. And they can be found at an average price of $180.


Air Jordan 7 ‘Hare’ (2015)

The Air Jordan 7 Hare got its inspiration from Bugs Bunny, a cartoon animation that constantly appeared next to Michael Jordan in the original Nike campaign for the sneakers. And those nostalgic fans can find 2015s retro release with a lot of resemblance to the authentic Air Jordan 7 at an average price of $190.


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