Air Jordan 1 Spike Lee

okay what we have here is the 30th 31st anniversary of one of Spike Lee’s I in my personal opinion greatest movie she’s got to have it this movie is serious if you haven’t seen it you need to check it it’s all that and a bag of chips as they would say anyway he came on Instagram last week shot up that he’s doing a 30th 31st commemorative anniversary if she’s got to have it and you know it was a big thing why because he also dropped a pip Jordan once yes these are those Jordan whites like I said I’m out here on these streets it was a long night very long night but it was worth it this is one of my Grails I’ll say one of my Grails I collect ones ones is my shoe I mean don’t don’t actually why but I really like ones compared to any other shoe um this is not about the flip it’s about my collection being selective having something that everybody else doesn’t have I’m sure a lot of you know what I’m talking about now real quick as you can see we have a sticker on the front of the box where normally they have the size I guess they stuck that on because I have a sticker and a decal press-on which is pretty cool what makes this sneaker to me hot is one this is your promo slash sample so there are very limited possibly only a hundred made you know,cheap jordan 11, they do friends and families as far as I know 40 possibly 50 was released on Friday and if you haven’t seen videos it was very chaotic as you can see yes it’s a wreck it’s a one but it’s black and blue um it’s very simple ones are very simple pretty much go with almost anything but this particular pair there go right there.

that’s the that’s the butter right there usually you see spikes face on a four or the physics if they put them on the sides not too sure but primarily it was the for bread fours black red and white and these shoes I guess is the first time they’ve done it with the ones I also think they didn’t want a motor sport cause the original motor sport for us again I’m not a sneaker historian or more or less a collector collector of different things give you a little better look at the coloring you seen ones,cheap jordan shoes, before yeah it’s a one but this is a special one because it’s ultra limited I don’t even think my statins the thing they made more statins than they made these it was like 500 and something pairs of statins I’ll do a quick video on that on once again thank you for your support for those of you who subscribe please subscribe leave your comments I’m trying to get my numbers up.

I’m trying to bring something different and most people say what can you bring different and bring it different I’m not bringing the regular sneaker release that’s the actual date the movie was released if I’m correct 880 640 acres in the middle stint on one of the things some of you guys before you even start saying it is that spike said he was going to sign on his Instagram ,cheap jordans,I had to call them back there were more than accommodating big up to 40 acres in a mill and all the people that work there basically I have to go back and we get the box on I don’t want my sneaker sign that mess up the whole flavor walking around with a sign sneaker but on once again thanks for checking out my videos leave a comment and I will be answering all comments of previous comics that were less I see you guys making noise this cold I’m down for a debate thanks again out here on these streets making it happen.

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